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FALL in Love Shower

An autumn shower theme is just A-MAIZE-ING, and we've got everything you need to honor your favorite bride-to-be in the Fall In Love Copper Boom Box. Sit back and enjoy a pumpkin spice latte because we've done all the planning for you. All you have to do is find a location and order your box!


The first item on your checklist should be to find a location. Traditionally, a bridal shower is held at a home, but you can also book a restaurant, private venue or even a park! If you decide to host an outdoor shower in the fall, don't forget to plan for bees, especially around the food and drink area.


About six to eight weeks prior to the shower, you should begin compiling the guest list and creating an invitation. Start by asking the couple for a list of friends and family they want to celebrate with. Remember, the shower guest list should be a subset of the wedding list. Do not include people who are not invited to the wedding. Once you've determined who will be invited, you need to select a beautiful fall invitation. Luckily, we've got that covered too! Check out our stunning Fall in Love invitation that coordinates with all of the signage, games, and decor.


While every shower is different, typically a shower lasts two to three hours. Like you, your guests are busy, so be considerate of their time. Here's a sample timeline:

11:00-11:15 Guests arrive and mingle

11:15 -12:00 Food is served

12:00 Games

12:30 Gifts

1:45 Guests prepare to Leave

Tip: Ask the groom to show up (flowers in hand) at the end of the shower. This will make him feel included and give him a chance to mingle with guests.


There are so many delicious food ideas for fall showers. You could spend hours looking at recipes on Pinterest. We know because we did. While we encourage you to have fun with your menu, don't overthink it. What's most important is that the food tastes good. Don't forget to consider your guests' food allergies and/or special diets. Make sure to include a little something for those gluten free and vegan folks.

One of our favorite trends is an all encompassing charcuterie board.

Here are some of our favorite fall food and drink ideas:


Main Course




We've included everything you need to create a beautiful shower in the Fall In Love Copper Boom box! Table settings, balloon arches, banners, and signage are all included. Of course, you can jazz it up with some flowers, pumpkins, or other fall decor you have around the house, but the main components are provided.

Games & Gifts

Games keep your guests engaged and can also act as an icebreaker. After all, there may be some guests who only know one or two people, so it's important to help them feel comfortable. Typically, two or three games or activities are sufficient, and timing is key. We've got an assortment of tried and true Fall In Love shower games that are ready to download. Something as simple guessing the number of "kisses" in the jar will get your guests mingling as soon as they walk in the door. And the prize for winning is the jar of kisses, so no need to buy and wrap another gift!

We've compiled a variety of games and activities and branded them with the Fall In Love theme. We also tested said games on the toughest critics we could find, so we know your guests will enjoy whatever you choose. Name that Tune is a fan favorite and comes with a playlist and answer key. Bridal Emoji, Movie Love Quotes, and Wedding Word Scramble are challenging enough to be fun, but won't frustrate your guests. Finally, Bridal Shower bingo will keep guests engaged when the bride-to-be opens gifts. Remember, while it may be tough to pick your favorite, you can't play them all. Trust us. Our favorite combination is the Guess How Many Kisses game, Bridal Bingo, and one of the other four games. You won't "fall" out of favor with your guests using a combination like that. Pun intended.

Tip: If the bride is shy about being the center of attention, consider having a "No Wrap" shower. Make a note on the invitation for your guests to bring the gifts unwrapped and simply put them on display for guests to view. This can be a real time saver too!


Don't forget to thank you guests as they leave! You don't need to spend a fortune, but you should send the guests home with a small favor to thank them for coming. We've got bags and tags included in the box. All you need to do is decide what to fill it with. (Edible favors are always appreciated!) Here are some of our favorite ideas for fall!

Bath Bomb

We hope you "fall in love" with this beautiful bridal shower. We certainly did! We'd love to see how you used your box. Leave us a comment below.

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